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It all began on one of those auspicious days of 2014 when we started dreaming of having a small eatery on a small piece of 200 Sq. Ft. spare area we harted taking shape. The illumination turned on and we found that our dreams weren’t too far away. We selected the category of food joint that it must be a café and thus CALCUTTA 64 was born, named after the pin code of its location, which is 700064.

As the term “café" originates from French which means “coffee”, we were keen to ensure that we offer one of the best coffee you can find in the city. Besides, we prepared the menu with a wide array of delicacies which included something sumptuous for everyone. On stated 200 sq. ft. area, the first phase of C64 opened on the 2nd of October, 2016 and further to reciprocate to the need of expanding our seating area, we opened the extended part on 21st September, 2018. You can't miss CALCUTTA 64 while looking for us in Sector-1 of Salt Lake City and going in front of BC-25!! Our heart-felt thanks to our patrons and to those special individuals who have supported us in this endeavour.

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It is our priority to serve fresh, healthy and delicious food .We would like to let you know that we care to use top quality products.Our dishes are prepared fresh with seasonal fruits & veggies All vegetables and fruits are washed in drinking water . We hope you enjoy your time with us .If you have any suggestions, requests or complaints, please let us know

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