Calcutta 64

Calcutta 64 is located in Salt Lake, East Kolkata. It has multiple offerings in Italian and Continental cuisines. The simplistic ambiance and casual seating take you by surprise. The affordable menu also offers delicious Fast Food options for junk food lovers. The cafe also has a takeaway facility. Calcutta 64 is a must visit place for your short cravings.

The last 3 years have been fantastic for them. They have worked to keep the cafe going over the last 24 months since the time they started. Mr. Bijoy Krishna Paul & Mrs. Anjulika Paul for all their hard work and dedication towards building their dream which gave us Calcutta64! The café was set up as a team two years ago and have come a long way since those first nervous days. There is some really great stuff going on. Starting from the interactions and people showering us with love to our sincere efforts to make you happy, every time! They set the Cafe up as a place to come and explore ideas, for those people who had ideas, aspirations, wanted to provide a place where this was encouraged and stories were shared.

Calcutta 64 is a Cafe, where you will get a wide variety of beverages & foods starting from Coffee, Tea, Mocktails, Soft Drinks, Breakfast, Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizza, Pasta and Soups & Main Courses for Lunch and Dinner. It is a kind of cafe, which will create a landmark of its own with cozy ambiance, with good food quality at a pocket-friendly rate and most importantly, without compromising the flavors of the food. Calcutta 64 is the place open for you for having a gossip with friends or meeting with your business clients. Calcutta 64 will be truly the place “where it all comes together” and for someone who looks for the perfect spot to pass their time in leisure with their friends.

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